Virtual Private ServersThe Virtual Private Servers have recently become a preferred hosting solution among small businesses and web developers who need the flexibility and stability of a dedicated server but are not yet ready to make the leap to get their own dedicated server.

Listed below are some of the key reasons why you should make use of a Virtual Private Server solution when your online requirements start outgrowing the resources offered by your current shared hosting account:


Unique Server Partitioning Technology
The VPS technology allows for a web server to be divided into separate independent mini-servers, where each mini-server user will be completely isolated from the other users in terms of software.
  Full Root-level Access To The Server
Thanks to the administrative root access that you have to your VPS, you can take full control of common server-side operations like configuration changes and system software installations.
Complete Isolation From Other Users
Although a VPS shares one physical server with other VPSs, it operates in the same way as an independent stand-alone server does. This keeps it protected from the abuse actions of the other users on that same physical machine and from the server overload they may generate.
  Ability to Run Your Own Operating System
Each VPS can run its own operating system, allowing you to install almost any software that runs on the respective OS and make any configuration changes in accordance with your present hosting requirements.
The Best of the Shared & Dedicated Hosting Services in One Solution
Using a VPS server is as easy as managing a shared account and as reliable as running a dedicated server. This makes the VPS an amazingly flexible hosting solution offered at a very reasonable cost.
  Full Server Administration Control
Each Virtual Private Server can be independently rebooted, which means that you will be able to personally restart your VPS as if you were working as an administrator in the data center.
Much Cheaper Than a Dedicated Hosting Solution
The VPS is much cheaper than a stand-alone dedicated server, but offers many of the features typical of a dedicated server, including a dedicated web server & mail server, dedicated storage, memory, CPU and network bandwidth.
  Monitoring Capabilities
A VPS allows you to monitor the resource usage of the CPU, system, disk space and disk inodes. You will be able to keep track of detailed traffic statistics and even format and reload your own VPS, if necessary.
A Multi-Purpose Dedicated Solution
You can use a VPS for almost anything a dedicated server does, including off-site data storage, web application hosting, application development, virtual desktops, etc. You can also run your own web hosting and e-mail services.
  You Get More Resources Than You Pay For
The VPS technology allows only several users to actively use the available resources of a virtual server even when the system capacity is full. Thus, each account receives the full server processing power whenever needed.
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